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Gobble Gobble Brunch

November 01, 2015

Gobble Gobble Brunch

You'll already have folks in town for Thanksgiving, why not start a new tradition this year and host a Gobble Gobble Brunch?!?! Ain't nobody got time to slave over a hot stove all day! Opt for a Gobble Gobble Brunch and graze all day while you take in some football and spend quality time with the fam.

And what's on the menu? Dress up some muffins with Grub Paper and serve yogurt with berries in adorable birch cups with Teeny, Tiny Delish Dippers. And why not serve your guests with mini forks that say, "Bite Me," because - at this point - that's what you may be thinking.

What brunch is complete without fruit....your guests will love a candy-covered-apple treat! These also make fabulous party favors wrapped in Grub Paper with a little Baker's Twine.

No dirty dishes...sign me up!!! Your Gobble Gobble Brunch is not complete without Gobble Gobble Birch Utensils. Not only do they dress up your food table, but you can recycle them and save the earth when you're all done!  

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